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No Texting While Driving


Peace of Mind prevents you and your loved ones from texting while driving, a very dangerous problem that is the outcome of living in a modern world. When enabled, the app prevents texting apps from functioning while the device is moving faster than walking speed. Notifications of incoming text messages are silenced, while the messages are saved to your device for safe viewing when the device has stopped moving. An optional "auto-reply" feature enables the sender to automatically receive a text message that says you are driving and will contact the sender when it is safe to do so.
Here's how it works:
1.) Launch the app, agreeing to grant Administrator Access so that the app automatically restarts if phone is rebooted.
2.) Choose how frequently you would like your phone's GPS to check if device is moving. "Always On" provides maximum safety, but uses more battery life. "5 minutes" conserves battery life, but only checks if your phone is moving once every 5 minutes.
3.) An optional password can be set, which prevents other users from tampering with the settings of the app.
4.) Optionally, you may also choose to set up an SMS text message auto-reply for incoming text messages.
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